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1991 Toyota 4Runner SR5 22RE

So as a few people know, I recently purchased a 1991 Toyota 4Runner SR5 (4 cylinder 22RE) for the low low introductory price of $250.


The truck had clearly seen some pretty active use and I was warned that it had recently started having issues with overheating - drive 15 minutes, let it cool, rinse and repeat. So rather than risk driving it, I had AMA tow it to a Canadian Tire a mere block from where I work.

And thus began the bad news and sticker shock ;) The current challenge I face is to decide whether I want to fix it up so it will pass an insurance inspection or sell it for parts.

Items I haven't quite figured out how to translate from the Canadian Tire work sheet and determine the actual part needed are:

Replace parking brake cable (front)

front e-brake cable

And then the fun stuff!Collapse )
After hearing about a tornado touchdown just 25km WNW of Sundre, I headed NW of Calgary just barely ahead of rush hour traffic. I didn't have to go very far at all before I found the supercell that had spawned it.


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Not quite sure how I was bitten with the storm chasing bug, but I have. Just glad it ties in well with my love of driving and photography! I'm discovering that tracking down information on HOW to storm chase is difficult. So my intention is to maintain a storm chaser page with links and info and data. This will be an ongoing project ;)

Some shots from recent trips out. No funnel clouds or tornadoes, but a beautiful drive nonetheless!

Dark skies, bright prairie


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Pearce Estate Park

If anyone has ever told you that you have get out of the city to find anything besides chickadees and magpies and crows and moose, call them a dirty liar.

All of these were taken at Pearce Estate Park, barely 5 minutes from downtown Calgary.

Yellow Warbler III

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Shooting with R

Friday was a good day spent outdoors shooting with my friend R. We spent the first chunk of the day shooting down at Fish Creek Park where I got some cool action shots with the ducks.



A quick break in the day for R to have dinner with her family and teach a piano lesson, and we reconnected in downtown Calgary for some more wandering around, exploring angles and reflections.

I discovered some unintentional statue porn!Collapse )

Kananaskis - Wildlife Edition

This past Sunday I hightailed it out to K-Country with a favourite lens I rent now and then from The Camera Store, the 300mm F2.8 IS USM. The initial idea was to spend a bit of time shooting, then visit my friend R at the Kananaskis Emergency Station where she was on shift. She bought my Canon 40D from me a little while ago, and we were planning on visiting and having a bit of an educational session on her first serious leap into the world of DSLR. Unfortunately a call came in and she was out the door. Duty calls!

So it was once more onto the road for me, and I have rarely seen so much wildlife in a single day! I had a great time, and got some great shots I'm really happy with!

Red-winged blackbird - flight II

Belted Kingfisher, a moose, and moreCollapse )

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