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Medieval Geek

Tales of a Rennaissance geek

22 April 1972
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Bio according to me:
I'm happily married, polyamorous, and originally started this journal as a place I could just get my thoughts outside my head and see how silly they were.

I used to work on an Abuse Team, which largely involved dealing with hack attempts, viruses and spam of all sorts. It was interesting, but I was looking for a bigger challenge in networking and hope I can leverage my way into security consulting and data forensics.

*update* I've moved on to a bigger challenge but with a smaller company. It's allowing me to expand my horizons on various systems, which is good. I built, deployed and maintain a datacenter responsible for antispam and antivirus handling over 5 million email a week, web and ftp servers, and a disparate network of client servers. I'm currently in the midst of designing a distributed greylist system with a mysql backend and deploying a server to monitor our servers, network devices and client systems over SNMP as well as developing in house tools with our coders.

*update part next!*

Bigger and better challenges these days. It's actually been at least 3 years since I updated this! I moved on from the smaller company to a frickin' huge company as a network security consultant. Working primarily with firewalls and IPS and content filters that decrypt traffic on the fly. I love my current work. Love it! There is nothing more rewarding than working with people who are as smart or smarter than you in your chosen field. I never want to be the smartest guy, the opportunities to learn shrink away, and I love learning and discovering new things.

Bio according to my friends:

Subject: "A shadowy figure working deep in the dark background of *your* local ISP. No, don't ask his real name, you'll only wind up dead and floating in the resevoir. Suffice to say the man is there, and he *knows*. Yes, dammit, he KNOWS, and you'd better not even *think* of trying to cover it up. He already has your IP and your days are a numbered few."


"Caffeine is to Zastrazzi as water is to a fish. He does not so much imbibe it as dwell within the chemical as if it were his home. While other people may be dependent upon their daily caffeine, Zas is nigh-symbiotic with it."


"One lucky, lucky muthafukka who gets to sleep with LadyKalendria. Every. Fucking. Night."

"One of the freedom fighting Penguinistas, who slaves too hard for too little money in a job that few people respect, let alone understand the importance of. The internet may be a playground, but I'm one of the people guarding the sandbox."

"I'm perhaps one of the neatest people on earth. You wouldn't know it to look at me, but I've seen more 'life' than you and ten other people put together. Sometimes, people forget that about me too... and there are other times when I can't forget even if I tried."


"My wife's a hottie"

"Yo. It don't matter what's going down, how stressed he may be, Zas is still one cool cat. Chillin', be it via caffiene injections, motorized adventures or general floppiness, is his specialty. I'm always happy to have him around to enhance the Chill."

"a true onion man of many layers and the king of floppiness/caffeine, depending on what day of the week it is"

"Zas is a lot like a Smartie (M&M, for the rest of the world): a shell that can be hard to crack, but inside he's sweet and melty. He's one of those rare people who not only gives great, honest advice, but also will never let you down. All in all, a guy I'm truly proud to call a friend."

"coffee and computers.
oooooh! I bet you're really an android and the fluids that run within all of your machinery is coffee! thats why you drink so much of it, to keep working. And thats why you know so much cool geeky stuff. :)"

"Zas be an old-fashioned romantic with a chivalrous streak, fencing skillz, a Linux box, and the world's strongest craving for coffee. ("I can't believe I drank the whole thing.")"

"Zastrazzi isn't a person that can be summed with a few syllables of the language. In fact, he's perhaps one of the most complex individuals I've ever had the pleasure to meet. He's a beautiful man made of both sensitivities and armor. His chivalry is but a mere hint of the romantic that begs to lavish attention--and these are just a few details of the Zas that caused me to fall in love."

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